Friday, August 3, 2012

Art Unraveled 2012 Shopping Day

Great day shopping the antiques district of Phoenix.  Found some great little bottles, buttons and a hand drill  and old film strip among other things.  Also had a wonderful little lunch at the American Taco.  Amazing salsa and really good street tacos.  It is hot here but as they say "it's a dry heat". 

ArtUnraveled 2012 Day 3

Had a great class with Josie Cirincione.  We soldered a bottle topper onto a vintage bottle.  I have been collecting bottles for quite a while and now I feel like they have a purpose.  I cant wait to get home and do some more.  Thanks Josie!!!

In the evening, back with Melissa Manley to do some etching.  Sorry about the photo quality.  We made some vessels out of the larger bullet casings and the tops are the smaller casings.  Stuff/beads/charms will be attached and they will be made into necklaces.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Art Unraveled 2012 Day 2

Day two at Art Unraveled is now behind us.  I have a new favorite instructor, Melissa Manley.  I made these amazing enameled flower pieces using transparent enamels.  The colors are amazing with the transparents.  Finally made some tube rivets that actually worked.  Also, used a jewelry saw to cut the tubing without breaking the blade.  Probably the first time ever!!!